Jesus saves

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About three phones have gone missing in our room in the past five months. When we reported to the School's security, they only told us that it was a roommate that is responsible. Everyone of us in the room was waiting for the day we will catch the culprit. Last Tuesday, when we were all asleep; I think it was about 2 am, Ben woke up suddenly and his phone was gone. His phone was the most expensive of us all. When Ben woke up and couldn't find his phone, he sprang up from the bed and quickly opened his cupboard. He rummaged the contents, even removed his clothes but could still not find the phone. I was in the room when it happened; sitting and reading before I dozed off with my heading resting on my books. So when Ben couldn't find his phone, he gently shook my shoulders until I woke up. 'It has happened again', he told me. I didn't even need to ask what happened as I could see the panic and loss written in his eyes. This is the second time his phone had been stolen. So I took my phone and dialed Ben's number; just to be sure it had not been misplaced. 'Error in Connection' was what I saw on the screen of my phone. I dialed it again and it started ringing not just on my phone, but the actual ring tone of Ben's Samsung phone was faintly audible. We were both surprised when we heard the tone. I beckoned on Ben to keep quiet as he was visibly ready to 'finish' the person who took his phone. I continued dialing as we moved silently, following the direction of the ring tone. There were four bunks in the room, each with two bed spaces. Ben and I use the same bunk just beside the door and the sound was coming from the last bunk at the extreme left corner. We tiptoed, Ben and I, like Jack Baeur until we traced the sound to the top bed space on the last bunk. 'So it is John who had been stealing phones in this room'. Ben whispered to me. We shook his leg and woke him up only to find out it was not John sleeping on the mattress. Neither of us had ever seen the guy before. To make matters worse, the ringing was coming from the bag he was using as pillow. When he woke up, he looked at us strangely as if he didn't know why we were there. We opened the bag and found not just Ben's Samsung, but three other phones. 'So, you are the one who's been stealing our phones!'; Ben shouted at him. Before he could find an excuse, Ben slapped him on his left cheek and walked out looking for anything to break one or two of the guy's bones. I don't know; but there was something about the guy. So I asked him, 'Oga, what are you doing here?' 'What are you doing with Ben's phone'. He was just looking at me without saying anything, so I slapped his right cheek with my left hand. 'ANSWER ME!', I screamed at him; waking up the roommates who were around. John had obviously gone to night class to read and I assumed the other three roommates who were absent had also gone to read. The two guys remaining in the room with me and Ben came and gave their own round of slaps. The accused was now staggering when Ben came back with a long wood hard enough to kill the guy. As he raised it up, the three of us, the roommates, held his hands so he wouldn't murder the accused. Ben dropped the wood and swept his right leg against the thief's legs and he fell down. Ben had told me before that he had attended the Soldiers' recruitment training but failed the medical test. I believed him right then. I looked at the guy crumple on the floor and before Ben killed him, I decided to interview him, at least to know who he is. He was now sitting on the ground where he landed from Ben's force. 'Who are you?' I asked him again; this time gently. He was crying but it was only the tears that were coming out. It was then I realized he had not even uttered a word since it all started. Not even when he fell to the ground. 'Why are you in our room'? I asked again. 'Can you even talk?' He shook his head then. I was now confused. Why was he shaking his head? So, I asked again, 'Can't you talk?' He shook his head again. 'Wait, is it that this guy is dumb?', I asked the guys. The guy then nodded his head and pointed to his mouth and then shook his head left to right. It hit me then. The guy is dumb but not deaf. That was the first time I am seeing a case like that. My anger changed to pity immediately. 'Are you dumb?', I ashamedly asked the guy to confirm. Again, he nodded his head. 'Can you read and write?' He nodded again. 'Get me a pen and note!' I said to my roommates over my shoulder. I collected the pen and wrote on the note, 'Who are you? Explain yourself.' I was almost in tears as I read his fine handwriting, 'My name is James, I am John's elder brother. I am a student of Delta State University. I was traveling to Delta but our bus stopped for the night at Benin. So I decided to sleep with my brother till tomorrow morning. He brought me here around 12 am and went out to night class to read. He gave me the bag to keep for him. So I decided to use it as pillow so that it won't be stolen'. I held the note with the guys at my back as all of us read it. I became so weak I almost fell.� 'The guy is innocent.' I needlessly announced. When we realized this, even I was ashamed of myself. Ben just stood there with the wood he almost used to hit him, looking as if he was the one who had been beaten. I am not sure, but I think I saw tears in his eyes as he realized he had just punished an innocent man. So we knelt down; Ben and I, we knelt down and clasped our hands so he will know we were really sorry. With tears in our eyes, we told him, 'We are sorry. Sorry for accusing you wrongly and beating you for it'. The dumb guy just smiled with bleeding lips from the blow I gave him. He smiled and looked into our eyes. And I could see pity in his eyes. He smiled and shook his head and then wrote in the same paper. 'It is Alright. I took the pain willingly. Please don't beat my brother anymore. I knew why you were beating me. John had always been a thief, right from home. But please don't report or beat him again'. Tears dropped from my eyes as I read his sacrifice. He deliberately allowed us beat him just so that John will be free. I lend my hand and raised him up as I used my cloth to wipe the tears from his face and blood from his lips. It was then my own tears flowed from the corners of my eyes. .. Although this story is 100% fiction, this is what Jesus did for us on the cross of calvary. kept quiet and even died so that we can be saved. He never protested his innocence but bore it all for us. He gave his life for you. What have you given for him? Someone shared. with me, don't forget to also share **JESUS SAVES**

The goat and the fowl

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One day, the goat and the fowl were discussing, sundenly a car splash water on them. Then the goat said to fowl, don't mind them that is how they die like fowls. The fowl immediately replied. Don't mind them too, that's why they behave like goats.

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Love Quote10

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If you feel LOVE is music just play it.

Love Quote9

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True love has the capability of facing and accepting your partner's imperfections and loving him/her still perfectly.

Laugh till next year with logy

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ThumbnailA profesor was travelin by boat, on d way he asked d sailor,do u know Biology,Zoolgy, Embralogy,and Epidemology?no said d sailor,d prof got angry and said wat d hell do u know?u wil die of illiteracy. 1 hour tim d bot started sinkin,d sailor luked at d prof and said, do u know Swiminology and Excapology 4rm Sharkiology?no said d... [Read More]

Love Quote8

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The love of those we don't Love in return settles on the Surface and from there quickly Evaporates.

Love Quote7

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Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.

Love Quote6

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Love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes a habit.

Love Quote5

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You can't love anyone until you understand you can't love everyone.

Akpos's Statement

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The Argu. Teacher: Akpos! Hope you know what goat is? Akpos: For sure Sir! "i.e" (Yes Sir!). Teacher: Good! Now make a statement with goat. Akpos: Ok sir!, our teacher is a goat. The class burst out laughing...

Home Teacher and A Kid

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The Argu.

Home Teacher: Kid! If i had five coconuts and i gave you three, how many would i have left?
Kid: Sir! I don't know o.
Home Teacher: Why not?
Kid: Cos, in my school, we do all arithmetic with Apples and Oranges, not Coconut sir!

Akpos Again?

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The Argu. b/w Akpos and his mother.

Mother: Akpos! What do u learn today?
Akpos: i learnt how to write.
Mother: Gud! But what do u write, read it let me here.
Akpos: Well Mummy! My teacher have not taught me how to read yet.

Funny Class

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The Argu. b/w Teacher and both Sam and the Class.
Teacher: Sam! Goto the map and show me America.
Sam: Here it is Sir!
Teacher: Correct! Now Class! Who discovered America?
Class: SAM!!!


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The Argu. B/W Teacher and Akpos.

Teacher: Akpos! It's very clear that you have not studied your geography. What's your excuse?
Akpos: Well sir! My Dad says the world is changing everyday. So, i decided to wait until it settles down.

Love Quote4

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She hadn't chosen him over all the others. The truth was that she hadn't even thought about anyone else.

Love Quote3

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A woman can forgive a man for the harm he does her, but she can never forgive for the sacrifise he makes on her account.

Love Quote2

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Real love is a permanently self-enlarging experience.

By Joseph Wizguy.

Love Quote1

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The enthusiasm of a woman's love is even beyond the biographer's.

Please comment before you leave.

By Joseph Wizguy.

A man looking for wife

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ThumbnailA man was looking for a girl to marry, luckily for him he found a beautiful girl. And then what happened? This is the argument between two of them... Man: i wan make u be my wife. Girl: that one no be problem. Man: u dey go church? Girl: ah! My uncle na our pastor for our church if u no know o. So, church... [Read More]